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Hello, gorgeous!

Brow Studio Expert, an embroidery specialist, first established its brand in 2010 in the heart of Singapore. Brow Studio Expert is the brainchild of our enterprising #girlboss, Candy, who have cultivated experience of more than 9 years in the beauty industry.

Candy is committed to help women rediscover their beauty. Just like the name suggests, she believes that as an expert in the field, the quality of our products matter. All top-grade materials utilised in Brow Studio Experts are carefully hand-picked and imported from Korea, Germany and the USA. At Brow Studio Expert , customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our beauty specialists are professionally trained and equipped with the latest technology and skill.  

Candy has also set up Brow Studio Academy that provides various courses with varying techniques. Our range of beauty services has expanded to include eyebrow, eyeliner and lip embroideries.


At Brow Studio Expert we strive to provide excellent service at affordable prices with high quality products.

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